Carnival of Space 561

//Carnival of Space 561

Carnival of Space 561

1. Universe Today – How Many of Earth’s Moons Crashed Back Into the Planet?

2. Universe Today – Breathing Lunar Dust Could Give Astronauts Bronchitis and Even Lung Cancer

3. Universe Today – China is Working on Their Own Reusable Rocket: the First Stage of the Long March-8, Which Could Launch in 2021

4. Wall Street Journal – Fly Me to the Moon. Mr. Bridenstine

5. US Blasting News – The 5 Phases Of InSight’s Journey To Mars

6. US Blasting News – NASA’s Kilopower experiment paves the way to powering lunar bases

7. US Blasting News – This time it looks like America is really returning to the moon

8. Why Mars is not a priority for space exploration

9. Nextbigcoins – Planetary Resources may use blockchain for space mining rights and funding

10.Next NASA Mars Rover Mission will include tiny Mars Chopper

11. The US Air Force is the first paying customer for a Falcon Heavy mission. The STP-2 mission has a number of objectives, including demonstrating the new rocket’s capabilities and launching several satellites. The U.S. Air Force is targeting October for its Space Test Program 2 mission, known as STP-2, a spokeswoman for the Air Force Space Command said in an email. The military had said earlier this year that it was targeting June, but the date has been pushed back due to ongoing qualification testing and engineering review.

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